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Princess properties

Princess property apartment descriptions:

General: Beautiful, extremely high grade, restored Victorian. hardwood floors, new kitchens and  baths,dishwasher and garbage disposal. Sophisticated security alarm system. City connected fire  alarm system. Twenty four hour maintenance.  Plenty of storage in basement.On site parking. well maintained, double paned windows.  Natural gas heat and hot water.  Princess Properties is located at 339-343 Thayer Street, Providence, RI


339 Thayer Street

1st floor- 3 bedroom

2nd floor- 3 bedroom

3rd floor- 3 bedrooms

341 Thayer Street

1st floor- 3 bedrooms

2nd floor-3 bedrooms

3rd floor- 2-3 bedrooms

343 Thayer Street

1st floor-front- 1 bedroom

1st floor- rear- 1 bedroom

2nd floor- 3 bedrooms

3rd floor- 3 bedrooms

Stonehenge Partners

17  Thayer Street

17 Thayer Street, Apt. #1

17 Thayer Street, Apt. #2

17 Thayer Street, Apt. #3

17 Thayer Street, Apt. #4

297 Wickenden

second floor

third floor

289 Wickenden Street

Two Apartments

299-301 Wickenden Street

second floor

third floor




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