Moving Tips

Move In Instructions

Contact National Grid Gas and Electric at least one week prior to moving in to TRANSFER service into your name. Please have your apartment address ready.
Students please TRANSFER utilities by June 1st even if you do not plan to be in your apartment during the summer months.
No satellite dishes allowed.
Arrange a time to pick up apartment keys Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm.
Students please forward our contact information to sub letters.
Please test your keys and become familiar with entering and exiting the building.
Send all current vehicle information (license plate no., color, make, model, etc.).
Do not store any items in the boiler room of the basement and clearly label any personal items kept in the basement with your name, apartment address and telephone number.
Reminder: Rent payments are due the first of month. Please remit payment to the company and address listed on the front page of your lease. There will be a fee associated with late or cancelled checks.

Move Out Instructions

Vacate all possessions from apartment, including furniture.
furniture which is to be left for incoming tenants should be marked with taped notes so our maintenance staff will not dispose of it
Because the hallways are narrow, please be careful not to scratch or dent the walls while moving out. If you need help removing furniture, you may make arrangements with the Salvation Army to remove any unwanted furniture.
All trash and discarded materials should be placed only in the existing trash bins. You will have to arrange for disposal of large furniture and other items that do not fit in the trash bins. DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS ON THE SIDEWALK.
Gas, electricity and cable should be turned off/disconnected for the day after you move.
Clean basement storage areas of your belongings.
Vacuum entire rug and clean floors.
Clean entire apartment including windows, mirrors, and window sills.
Wipe down cabinets inside and out.
Empty refrigerator and freezer and thoroughly clean and disinfect inside and out.
Clean stove and burners inside and out (Easy-Off or another brand of oven cleaner is recommended).
Wipe down kitchen counter top and floors.
Wipe down vanity inside and out.
Clean toilet inside and out.
Clean tub or shower including tiles and grout, clean shower door or remove vinyl curtain.
Wipe down floor.
Replace any burnt out light bulbs.
Replace any old fire alarm batteries.
Leave apartment doors locked and all apartment keys, including mail box keys in an envelope on the kitchen counter along with a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of your security deposit. Your security deposit will be mailed back within 20 days in accordance with Rhode Island State Law. Your security deposit cannot be used as your last month’s rent.

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